BB 5-Series

Introducing the BB 5-Series Bark and Mulch Blower! This new model is designed with ease of use and reliable performance in mind for landscape and erosion control contractors. With its simplified control package and streamlined engineering design, the BB 5-Series will be a dependable workhorse for the application of mulches, soil blends and compost and has the added benefit of being straightforward to use and maintain. Save labor by avoiding the manual work of spreading mulches using wheelbarrows. Make more money by doing more projects in a day and put your additional laborers who were moving product by wheelbarrows to work for you on more profitable projects!

Features & Benefits

  • Full 5 cubic yard material hopper for increased productivity and straightforward job costing
  • Simplified control system for ease of use, ease of training, and reliable performance
  • Simplified engineering for increased uptime and easier maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Lightweight design of 7,740 lbs. empty increases payload capacity and provides more versatile towing options. (Working weight of 13,070 lbs.)
  • Cummins QSF 2.8 Diesel 4F at 65hp meets all current US EPA emissions requirements
  • Blower: 820CFM @ 12PSI to help blow a wider variety of materials
  • The 25 gallon fuel tank is sized to run the machine for at least 9 hours
  • Has a side mounted engine with an open design for ease of access
  • Electric tarp is standard to meet DOT load coverage regulations
  • Lower cost, entry level unit

Uses for The BB 5-Series Bark and Mulch Blower?

The BB 5-Series is perfect for the mid-size material installation projects such as residential and commercial landscape bed maintenance, filling/installing sediment control filter socks, playground safety surface installation and renewal, indoor courtyard gardens, and other applications that require precise placement of bulk materials. Mulch, bark, soil blends and compost can be applied on virtually any terrain, even in wet conditions, and the BB 5-Series can be especially profitable when accessing hard-to-reach areas.