Command Series

Ready to work when you are.

Three tools in one.

With an easy-to-set depth control in the gauge and float wheels, any operator can quickly clear, grade and finish the toughest of jobs. Sift out rocks, level, and loosen when pulling the SR3’ push large amounts of material and feather loose soil up against an edge when pushing forward!

Less downtime and handwork.

The ability of the SR3 to finish a job from overgrown land to a seed ready finish drastically reduces time spent changing tools, unloading trailers, reconnecting hydraulics, and more. Its ability to tackle every job, from spreading large mounds of topsoil & removing debris to feathering against a tight-edge, greatly reduces the need for other tools and handwork.

For any crew.

Matchless in the landscape industry, the float & gauge wheels on the SR3 let any operator achieve quick, easy, and professional results. Furthermore, the low-profile design was engineered to provide maximum visibility of ground-engaging components (minimizing guess-work). Assign any crew with confidence!

No hydraulic or rotary components

The SR3 has minimal moving parts, relying on simple controls and inspired design to work hard, every day. The SR3 utilizes gravity, leverage, and our patented components. The SR3 spends more time in the field and less time in the shop.

Extreme Duty Design

The SR3’s design allows it to accomplish a full range of tasks no other single tool can do. From deep ripping to fine-finishing, from extreme undergrowth clearing to seedbed preperation, the SR3 has a foot up on the competition.

Tougher than tough frame

We build tools that can utilize every bit of power your skid steer offers. From clearing debris to breaking the driest hardpan, the SR3 is built to work hard.



Innovative 3-in-1 Design

Designed to operate at an angle, the SR3 is a wheel-supported attachment with 3 ground-engaging components that work together to create the ideal seedbed.

Steel leveling blade with hinged rock teeth

Pulled backward, this blade floats to equalize high & low areas without damaging the ground, while rock teeth collect surface debris. It can also lock for aggressive grading. Pushed forward, the blade & teeth hinge up to eliminate resistance.

I-Beam Design

Fully welded for the utmost strength and longevity, our Command Series tools are designed to work under tough conditions all day, every day.

Hydraulic Scarifiers

Hydraulic scarifiers loosen the ground from 0-5” with on-the-fly hydraulic depth control. These cast teeth penetrate the hardest of conditions and bolt-on tips keep maintenance costs low.

16” Float and Gauge Tires

16” float & gauge tires gauge working depth and allow the skid steer to work in the “float” position to keep the tool consistently engaged with the ground even when operating on rough terrain! Foam-filled for never-flat durability.

Heavy-Duty Steel Finish Rake

The heavy-duty steel finish rake gives the SR3 both finesse and strength. Push forward to slice vegetation, clear debris, and spread top soil. Pull backward to pulverize dirt clods and leave an ideal seed- or sod-ready finish. Replaceable in 1’ sections. 3/4”-thick laser-cut hardened-steel.



Overall / Raking Width 89”
Grading Width 66”
Scarifying Width 79”
Number of Scarifiers 10
Unit Weight 1,300 lbs
Minimum HP 40