High Performance Hydraulic Mulches

Fibramulch has proudly supplied the Hydroseeding industry with quality hydraulic mulches for over 40 years. Hydroseeding is the process of mixing and spraying a slurry comprised of hydraulic mulch, seed, fertilizer, water; and optionally bonding agents and soil amendments. Hydroseeding is a cost effective method of establishing vegetation. The hydraulic mulch holds the seed in place, insulates the seed from temperature fluctuations, and absorbs water which gives the seed a more continuous and consistent amount of moisture to enhance germination. Hydroseeding allows you to quickly and cost-effectively cover areas as small as residential lawns to areas as large as mine sites.

Recently the Erosion Control Industry has divided hydraulic mulches into one of two categories: Re-vegetation or erosion control. “Re-vegetation” hydraulic mulches are the standard mulches comprised of paper and/or wood fibers. “Erosion control” hydraulic mulches have the addition of special bonding agents designed to withstand extreme slopes and weather activity. These are your Erosion control hydraulic mulch options.