Futerra® 7020 is a three-dimensional turf reinforcement mat (TRM) made of continuous monofilaments fused at their intersections. Ninety-five (95%) percent of Futerra 7020 is open and available for soil, mulch and root interaction, creating one of the most effective turf reinforcement mats available. Futerra is manufactured from nylon to eliminate the buoyancy factor associated with submerged conditions and provides permanent TRM protection in vegetated channels and slopes.

Recommended Applications

  • Permanent erosion control for vegetated channels and banks with expected shear stresses ≤ 17 psf.
  • Permanent erosion control for moderate to steep slopes (≤0.5H:1V).
  • Support and enhance performance of ecosystem plants.
  • Substrate for hydraulically applied Flexible Growth Medium™ (FGM) and Engineered Fiber Matrix™ (EFM) to create the GreenArmor™ System.