Tornado Tack Straw Tack ST 1000

Tornado Tack ST-1000 is an all-in-one, hydraulically applied tacking solution for straw, giving you twice the coverage of a traditional blended mulch and tackifier while providing the strongest, environmentally safe bond. With the high-loading formulation and 500 pounds-per-acre application rate, it saves time through fewer loads per job and frees you up to earn
more money each day. Plus, the product’s performance on the ground gives you confidence that you will get the job done right the first time.


Wood Cellulose Fiber 95%
Organic Biopolymers 3%
Crimped, Man-Made Biodegradable Interlocking Fibers 1%
Porous Ceramic Particles 1%

Packaging: 50-lb bags (22.7 kg)
40 bags per skid