Seed Aide Aero

Seed Aide® Aero™ may be applied dry or hydraulically, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution where conventional erosion control equipment access is limited or unavailable. It is ideal for a range of conditions, including remote sites, dryland reclamation, post-fire reclamation, pipeline restoration, drilling pads and aerial applications.

Seed Aide Aero Advantages:

  • Secure soil binding—upon wetting, the mulch granules expand and release linear anionic soil
    flocculant to bind soil particles, increase water infiltration/retention and reduce sediment loss
  • Productive seed-to-soil bond—the polysaccharide polymers create an effective bond to hold seeds
    in place and improve erosion control effectiveness
  • Better germination—the expanded cellulose/wood granules hold water, reduce soil surface evaporation and deliver the biostimulant to enhance germination and growth


Recycled newsprint 70%
Clean wood shavings 22.4%
Linear anionic soil flocculant and polysaccharide polymers 7.5%
Seaweed extract biostimulant 0.1%
Formulation pelletized and granulated to form Seed Aide Aero granules
Bags: Net Weight – 50 lb (23 kg)
Pallets: 40 bags/pallet, 1 ton (907 kg)/pallet

UV and weather-resistant plastic film