FINN GT Series

Ground Preparation Attachment for Tractors.

The GT SERIES is a multi-use, manual, compact tractor attachment engineered to clear terrain, de-compact the toughest hardpan, and level soil in preparation for seedbed planting. Scarifiers work in combination with the finish and leveling rakes to prepare the soil up to 6” deep. Its design and durability make it one of the most versatile attachments you will ever own. It is ideal for clearing vegetation, brush and small trees, as well as doing the finesse work of ground preparation around concrete edges and walkways without damage all while leaving a smooth finished seedbed ready for planting.

Key User Benefits:

Speed – Makes short work of clearing terrain, de-compacting, and leveling ground in preparation for seeding or sod with far fewer labor hours than Harley rakes or hand work.

Ease of Use – The GT SERIES is designed to operate in both forward and reverse with four simple components working together to make it easy to clear land and leave a smooth finished seedbed. The scarifiers, finish rake, leveling rake and gauge tires eliminate the guess work of following the contour of the land, unless you want to change it, then the tool can be locked down to shape it the way you want it. Clear site lines make edge working a breeze. The operator has complete control of the unit to do the finest detail work. With all of the functionality built into this revolutionary attachment the tedious and back breaking task of hand work can be eliminated.

Toughness – Forged steel, cast iron, AR steel, welded construction—everything from the frame, to the foam filled tires is engineered to take a pounding and continue to perform. With no complicated and expensive hydraulically powered rotating parts, the GT SERIES is the toughest tool on the jobsite.

Maintenance – The ingenious design of the GT SERIES makes maintenance fast and simple. The wear components are either bolted or pinned in place for fast and easy replacement. Plus many of the components are common throughout the unit requiring minimal inventory. Results – Perfectly graded ground with soil de-compacted up to 6” deep means your seed has the best environment for germination and developing a healthy, deep root system. And you did it in less than half the time of your competitors.

Save Time, Space and Money – When one tool can clear brush, de-compact the soil, and leave a smooth and level seedbed, you save space on the trailer, save time by not switching implements, and save money by owning and maintaining just the one tool that can do it all.