BioCover SS

BioCover™ SS is a hydraulically applied matrix designed to provide up to 4 months of cost-effective dust suppression, soil stabilization and erosion control on high dust-producing< projects such as active fly ash disposal areas. Once cured, this engineered matrix forms a durable, yet flexible bond with the substrate, as opposed to rigid crusts created by inorganic stabilizers.

BioCover SS Advantages:

  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable alternative to inorganic chemical and petroleum-based dust palliatives
  • Features Thermally Refined® wood fibers to enhance chemistry, bond strength and longevity
  • Matrix controls erosion by shielding raindrop energy and resisting overland flow
  • Hydraulic spraying machinery can treat steep and rough terrain not accessible to water trucks
  • May be stored and applied in cold temperatures