FINN Filter Sock is a sturdy polypropylene geotextile (woven) that has been engineered specifically for controlling erosion and containing and/or retaining sediment in disturbed areas. It is a mesh tube filled with organic filter material that is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff. The FINN Filter Sock, which is oval to round in cross section, provides a three-dimensional filter that retains sediment and other pollutants (e.g., suspended solids, nutrients, and motor oil) while allowing the cleaned water to flow through. The FINN Filter Sock can be used in place of traditional sediment and erosion control tools such as a silt fence or straw bale barrier.


    • Slope interruption devise
    • Perimeter control
    • Inlet protection


      • Less waste
      • Easier install
      • Can be installed in rocky or frozen conditions
      • Can be installed vegetated or unvegetated

Available in 9-12, 18, 24, & 36 inch diameter and a 9 inch biosock

Installation does not require disturbing the soil surface, which reduces erosion.