Earthbound 2000

EarthBound® 2000 Soil Stabilizer & Tackifier is specifically engineered and formulated to provide effective binding of Verdyol Hydraulic Growth Mediums for erosion control and soil stabilization on mild to moderate slope gradients and moderately erosive conditions.

EarthBound® 2000 is formulated from both long chain and cross-linking molecules in conjunction with a hydrocolloid vegetable gum based tackifier to provide effective soil structure stabilization, water infiltration, and most importantly to adhere mulch to the soil surface.

EarthBound® 2000 can be applied in almost all environmental conditions including light rain without any requirement for a cure time prior to subsequent rain.

EarthBound® 2000 provides effective erosion control in applications where vegetation establishment may require up to 6 months.

EarthBound® 2000 is a powder that is prepackaged in easy to use, clear, resealable plastic containers with quick pour spouts to reduce the chance for spillage on the job site. Each container has clear markings on the side for easy field measurement.


  • 15 lb. (6.4 Kg)/Plastic Container
  • 2 – Containers/Carton
  • 48 – Cartons/Skid