Your jobsites can have unique needs, so Fibramulch offers a wide selection of staples to enable you to better hold your products in place. Staples with different composition, shape, sizes, and the implements to easily install them are all available at your one-stop-erosion-control-shop.

Loose 6”

Standard industry staples are ‘U’ shaped 6 inch staples. These Staples are cost effective and will hold your Sod, Rolled Erosion Control Product, and straw netting in place!

Round top pin 5” bio pins

  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Can be installed from a standing position when using the Profile Round Top Driver™.
  • Has a pull-out strength equal to that of an 8″ x 8 gauge staple.
  • Has a 13 /8″ round head that holds more netting strands than a staple.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Allows for easy visual inspection by engineers.
  • Prevents mower damage.
  • Safe for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Has up to five times greater surface holding area than a traditional 6″ x 11 gauge staple.
  • Will drive through hard soils and clay.
  • Will last up to one year.
  • 5″ 500/carton 9 lbs.
  • Dark green in color

Round top metal pin 6”

The Profile Round Top Pin™, when installed with the Round Top Driver™, is one of the most advanced products in the industry. It’s the only product of its kind for securing erosion control matting, geotextile fabric, mulch netting and sod. The pin is manufactured from an 8 or 11 gauge high-strength steel wire. It measures 6 or 8 inches in length and has a 13/8” diameter head on top. This Round-Top head is designed to hold five times the surface area of a typical U-shaped staple. Simply put, more surface area means more holding power. The patented Profile Round Top Pin™ will help to reduce labor cost, improve installation and insure the success of your next project

  • 6″x11ga.1000/carton 33 lbs.
  • 8″x11ga.1000/carton 44 lbs.
  • 6″x 8ga. 500/carton 32 lbs.
  • 8″x 8ga. 500/carton 35 lbs

Round top driver

The Profile Round Top Driver™ is one of the fastest, most efficient means of securing erosion control matting, geotextile fabric, mulch netting and sod ever developed. This easy-to-use labor-saving device is designed to use the Profile Round Top Pin™ and the Profile Round Top Bio-Pin™. The Profile Round Top Driver™ is a center driven mechanism manufactured from a high impact, lightweight, non-corrosive material designed for long term use. The Profile Round Top Driver™ is a gravity fed device with only one moving part, the plunger. There are no spring recoil devices to replace or jam.

Round Top Pin™, Bio-Pin and Driver meet every challenge.

Round Top metal and biodegradable pins have the strength and rigidity to penetrate and fasten erosion control blankets to various surfaces. Round Top Bio-Pins are a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative. They hold more netting strands than a staple and have a pull out strength equal to that of an 8″ x 8-gauge staple. The pins will degrade in 10 to 12 months. The Round Top Driver dramatically improves installation efficiencies while reducing labor time and costs.

Staple Gun

M100 Rifle Gun

Light and easy automatic staple gun that can pin virtually anything to the ground with ease.

Durable in construction with interchangeable parts, the Rifle M100 works on hard and frozen ground conditions. The most reliable manual staple gun in the industry.

Product Information
Staples: Factor M or Factor T Staples
Magazine: Holds 100 Staples
Staples/Day: 12,000 on average
Weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)

Factor T Staples Cartridge (Box of 1000)

Cartridge staples for the M100 Rifle Gun. Double wire welded so cartridges do not fall apart in the field. Shipped in Boxes of 1000 staples.

Green staples

Earth-friendly, biodegradable staples for your jobs.