ABI Force Z18

A Powerful Seed-Prep, Seeding, and Maintenance Master!

The ABI Force is a self propelled, zero-turn, multi-task vehicle that turns manual labor into mechanized efficiency. It’s the contractor’s secret weapon for quickly completing jobs in small areas with limited access, which drastically minimizes on-site time and hand-work labor.

Effectively prepare land for seeding with our powerful hydraulic scarifier rake, Mini-Box, and available Force Laser System. Seed with our broadcast spreader and cultipacker. Easily spread fertilizer and plug aerate to properly maintain healthy turf. The ABI Force Command Series is an entire workforce in a single machine!


An entire workforce in one machine

Clearing and seedbed preparation

The ABI Force Command Series is specifically designed by landscape contractors for landscape contractors. With a powerful hydraulic spring mid-mount system, the ABI Force has the power of a much larger machine with an incredibly light footprint and zero-turn maneuverability. This allows contractors to quickly clear land in preparation for seeding in tight or limited-access spaces, skipping the most time-consuming handwork! Clear vegetation and debris while loosening the soil for maximum root depth and seed-to-soil contact with ease! For more earth-moving muscle, the easy-to-attach mini-box blade can accomplish cut-and-fill grading and leveling. For the finest of seed-ready finishes, the available Laser System can create a perfectly level, graded surface ideal for sports facilities or the most exacting customers.


The ABI Force Command Series equipped with the available seed & fert spreader and cultipacker can quickly and easily move from heavy-duty clearing and seedbed preparation to seeding with finesse and care! Our heavy cultipacker (learn more on page 89 and 96) presses freshly-broadcast seed into the properly-loosened ground, maximizing seed-to-soil contact and encouraging healthy germination and quick growth. All ABI Command Series attachments—including the Force—are designed to loosen many more inches of soil than traditional implements or power rakes, which encourages deep and healthy root growth.

Healthy turf maintenance

Beyond the heavy lifting required to prepare land for seeding and the finesse required to properly seed, the ABI Force Command Series also has the versatility to properly care for and maintain healthy turf! Using the plug aerator and an available drag mat, users can aerate quickly and effectively, which re-introduces air into the soil and root system for healthier growth and deeper root systems. Using the broadcast spreader, contractors can quickly fertilize turf (even in the tightest of spaces), taking advantage of the zero-turn capability and light footprint of the ABI Force.


Designed from the ground up for tough work.

At the heart of the ABI Force’s incredible capability is a chassis design that provides unparalleled control and power to get real work done in the toughest and tightest locations. Furthermore, the commercial grade engine and chassis are backed by a hefty warranty. The ABI Force is designed to work had every day!

Design Features:

Unparalleled control and power

The patented hydraulic spring system gives the operator unparalleled, fine-tuned control of attachments for all varieties of ground work. From aggressive ripping to precision leveling with our Mini-Box, the Hydraulic Spring provides consistent, controllable, downward force that’s easily adjustable with the fingertip controls.

Powerful Maneuverability

The ABI Force has a zero turn chassis that provides industry leading efficiency and control. Quickly and safely maneuver around sidewalks, obstacles, landscaping, and turn without disengaging the working components! The ABI Force’s stand up design greatly enhances precision control and visibility by positioning the operator in clear view of the working attachment.

Commercial Grade Engine

An 18-horsepower Vanguard engine generates tremendous power. An advanced debris management system keeps the engine running clean even in a dusty environment. The Force’s hydrostatic drive provides reliability and power.

Designed around the operator

The operator platform offers and easy-on-and-off step through design for operator freedom. For comfort, a compression spring floor, plush leaning pad, and comfort grip controls are provided. Speed-Lock and Depth-Lock controls provide safety and predictable results for any operator by restricting the Force’s speed and aggressiveness, and fingertip controls allow quick and easy adjustment of components.


Innovative mid-mount attachments

ABI’s patent-pending hydraulic mid-mount spring suspension system offers unparalleled

fine-tuned control to effortlessly raise, lower, and pitch mid-mount attachments. Attachments are mounted between the front and back wheels to allow greater visibility and ensure greater consistency than any other machine on the market.

Hydraulic Scarifier Rake

The underbelly scarifier rake incorporates a ½” think laser-cut hardened steel rake and adjustable scarifiers that can dig up to five inches deep. The hydraulic controls allow a complete range of motion for engaging and disengaging the rake and scarifiers independently. The hydraulic spring action provides consistent downforce and releases when necessary to allow unhindered movement.

Mini-Box Blade

ABI’s mini-box blade attachment gives the Force extra earth moving muscle and unmatched versatility. With Fingertip control and perfect visibility of the powerful hydraulic and spring loaded arms, users can quickly and effectively carry material, grade, and level with finesse! For ultimate control, pair the mini-box blade with ABI’s laser system.


Hard Working, Versatile, Multi-Purpose Options

ABI’s full line of multi-purpose attachments further expands the Force’s versatility. All of the ABI Force’s attachments are designed for commercial use. Get real work done quicker than ever before. Seed, aerate, and fertilize with the same machine!

Seed and fertilizer spreader

With an adjustable spread pattern of 4–25 feet, this commercial-grade independent hydraulic spreader is ideal for precisely broadcasting grass seed and fertilizer. The hopper holds 120 lbs. of material and has a side deflector to ensure clean application lines along edges when needed. No matter the application rate desired, the Force can deliver with zero-turn maneuverability

Plug aerator

With this option, the ABI Force transforms into a commercial zero-turn plug aerator capable of working 80,000 square feet per hour (at 8 mph). It produces core depths up to 3½” with manual weight and hydraulic down-pressure to ensure consistent penetration. The floating aerator design can maneuver around obstacles while the tines are engaged.

Versa-Drill cultipacker

After loosening & raking, pulling a cultipacker while using the broadcast seeder creates optimal seed-to-soil contact. Our cultipackers use 9.5″ packer wheels with a solid 1¾” steel packer wheel shaft. The agricultural-grade pillow block bearings are grease-able. These units are also equipped with two pneumatic tires for easy flip-over transport!


Force Laser System

Adding the optional innovative Laser Force System to your ABI Force upgrades your machine to “the best finish tool on the market”! Ideal for precision install jobs at sports facilities, parks & recreation departments, and high-end residential locations, the Laser Force System allows users to perfectly level surfaces for sod, seed, infield material, and more! Paired with ABI’s

Mini-Box Blade, the Laser Force System enables the Force to automatically cut and fill material, quickly creating a perfectly-level surface. The WorkSight Gauge allows all workers to see the current grade, allowing rough grade attachments to work in tandem with the finesse of the ABI Force.