FIBRAMULCH is our most cost effective mulch; it has gained wide acceptance over the past 40 years and enjoys a market share unparalleled in the industry. As the first paper mulch in Canada, FIBRAMULCH Hydraulic Seeding Mulch set the standard for the industry, and it is a standard that competitors are still trying to match. Fibramulch’s reputation has spread as a leader in its industry and is successfully used in all conditions and terrains, wherever turf growth is required. Fibramulch is a GREEN product, not only in colour but also made of 100% recycled fiber (every ton of Fibramulch saves 15 trees from being cut down).

Once dried, Fibramulch produces a protective layer, reducing the effect of wind and rain erosion while protecting the seed and soil from the elements. Fibramulch also absorbs water which gives the seed a more continuous and consistent amount of moisture to enhance germination. Fibramulch helps insulate the seed from temperature fluctuations while providing the seed with a moist organic medium to flourish.

FIBRAMULCH comes in pressure packed 50 or 40 lb. water-resistant plastic bags, designed for easy shipping, handling and storage. Our compressed bag means more payloads per trailer, reducing freight costs. As Hydroseeding contractors are being asked to travel greater and greater distances to do work, it is critical to maximizing the payload they can carry with them for the days work. Fibramulch mixes easily in all HydroSeeders, from the smallest jet agitation machine all the way up to Finn’s 4,000 gallon machines.

Organic matter: 99.5% ± 1%
pH: 6 ± 1
Water absorption potential: 900%
Loading ratios: 1400 -1800 lbs per acre
Weight per bag: 50 or 40 lbs