Second Nature

Second Nature Wood Fiber Hydraulic Mulch is manufactured from thermo-mechanically processed 100% virgin wood chips. It is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and contaminant free. Applying the mulch forms a porous bond with the soil surface, enhancing seed germination and growth.

Thermo-Mechanically Processed Virgin Wood Fiber 100% (minimum)
Moisture Content 12% (±3%)
% Effectiveness 75% (minimum [ASTM D6459])
Cover Factor 0.25 (maximum [ASTM D6459])
Eco-Toxicity Non-Toxic (EPA 821/R-02/012)
Water Holding Capacity 1200% (minimum)
Applied Color Green
Functional Longevity Up to 3 Months
Ash Content 2% max
Organic Content (dried wt. basis) 96% min
Biodegradability 100%