The FINN B-40

Straw Blower brings mulching ease to small landscaping operations. You save time and energy by eliminating tedious and time consuming hand mulching. And because the unit is both self-powered and portable, it’s easy for you to mulch in diverse locations.

Fast & Even Application

The B-40 Straw Blower provides you with mulch cover quality that is far superior to hand mulching. You are ensured of faster and more uniform growth. Blowing mulch evenly over large areas with ease. The B-40 Straw Blower efficiently shreds and blows 2-3 bales of straw in less than a minute.

Flexible & Effective Performance.

The B-40 Straw Blower features a convenient discharge spout and optional 6” diameter, flexible hose. It’s the ideal solution for proper mulching – providing soil moisture retention and protection against wind damage – in a wide variety of applications including the even cover of newly seeded lawns, around trees and shrubbery, berry beds, and bedding plants.

Specifically Designed To Meet Your Needs.

Like every piece of FINN equipment we produce, the B40 Straw Blower is the result of skilled and experienced manufacturing, as well as the valuable input received from our customers. We heard the call for a small and economical, yet highly productive, straw blower; a compact unit with directional discharge and the ability to handle difficult material. The FINN B40 Straw Blower does it all!

Features & Benefits

  • Shreds and blows 2-3 bales of straw in less than a minute
  • Convenient discharge spout and optional 6″ diameter flexible hose assure the most accurate directional discharge, operational ease and the ability to handle difficult materials.
  • Ideal solution for proper and precise mulching
  • Provides soil moisture retention and protection against wind damage
  • Discharge head has a 360 degree rotation and 50 degree vertical travel
  • Horizontal, collapsible feed tray which provides the most convenience and operator efficiency for feeding straw bales into the machine. This also eliminates the unnecessary labour involved in hoisting the bales overhead and feeding the machine vertically from the top
  • Unit available as both skid and trailer mounted machine