Green Guard

The Green Guard TRM System offers the best of two erosion control products to provide slope and channel protection and assist in vegetation establishment. The first product used is the Tenax Multimat 100, which is designed to provide long term protection for vegetative slopes and swales taking the place of traditional hard armor products such as rock rip rap. Tenax Multimat 100 is a three dimensional turf reinforcement mat (TRM) composed of three layers of extruded bi-oriented polypropylene grids laid upon each other and stitched together with heavy polypropylene yarns. The middle layer is corrugated to create a thick, open matrix designed to promote entanglement with the roots of growing vegetation. The result is an extremely stable vegetative cover system that provides long term resistance to the hydraulic forces of concentrated flows. The second product that makes up the Green Guard System is Flex Guard, which is a Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM) hydro-mulch engineered with pasteurized wood fibers, dispersible synthetic fibers and exclusive soil bonding agents for immediate and effective erosion protection on challenging terrain even during hard rains. The nontoxic formula maintains fiber loft for impact resistance, air circulation and moisture retention that promotes seed germination and plant growth. Flex Guard maximizes the time savings and cost efficiencies of hydraulic application, and delivers dependable results from the start.

Choose Green Guard TRM System when:

  • Exposed soils or severe slopes require maximum erosion protection and permanent cover from wind and rain.
  • Poor weather is eminent, erosion control is immediate.
  • Sheet and concentrated water flow is expected, and tensile and greater shear values are required.


  • Instantly prevents soil loss and promotes plant growth on channels and slope applications.
  • Provides long term protection from water velocity and shear stress by using stem and root reinforcement once vegetation is established.
  • Effective performance of Flex Guard regardless of application conditions.
  • The combination of Flex Guard and Tenax Multimat 100 forms a strongly lofted porous fiber mat made of countless growth chambers.