Biotic Earth Green

After construction, soil left on site for re-vegetation is often severely degraded and lacks many of the essential organic materials, nutrients, microbial population and pore space to establish, grow and sustain effective mature vegetation that can withstand the forces of erosion. The Biotic Earth™ product line kick start the process and add the first layer of organic material, soil builders, and growth stimulants designed specifically to mimic Mother Nature and help poor soils come alive and vegetation to thrive. The goal of the Biotic Earth product line is to improve soil while controlling erosion instead of hauling in topsoil or seeding on poor soil and placing expensive erosion control products that wait for the vegetation to grow. Improve the foundation and you will improve your final product and reduce your costs.

Material Composition

  • 70% by volume of thermally and mechanically processed straw and flexible flax fibers (FFF)
  • 30% by volume of sphagnum peat moss

Laboratory Analysis

Total Organic Matter Content >95%
Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio 56:1
Moisture Content 31% ± 5% pH = 6 (Saturated Media Extract Method)

These values are representative of Quality Control Analysis at time of manufacturing. This data is for information purposes only and cannot be used as a warranty.

Packaging & Weights

Bags 50 lbs (23 kg) +/- 10%
Bag size 2.2 ft3 (0.062 m3 )
42 bags per skid