ProGanics Dual Biotic Soil + Erosion Control

ProGanics® Dual™ Biotic Soil + Erosion Control is a holistic formulation designed to efficiently accelerate development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter and limited biological activity while simultaneously providing effective site erosion protection in a convenient one step application. ProGanics Dual is non-toxic and contains bark and wood fibers that have been phyto-sanitized to eliminate potential weed seeds and pathogens. The patented ProGanics Dual formulation also contains a proprietary composition of naturally derived cross-linked biopolymers and water absorbents to achieve Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) erosion control performance. Upon application, ProGanics Dual forms an intimate bond with the soil surface to create a continuous, porous, absorbent and flexible erosion resistant blanket that allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth.

Laboratory Analysis

Total Organic Matter Content >95%
Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio 50:1 +/- 10
Moisture Content 12%

These values are representative of Quality Control Analysis at time of manufacturing. This data is for information purposes only and cannot be used as a warranty.

Packaging & Weights

Bags 50 lbs (23 kg) +/- 10%
Bag size 2.2 ft3 (0.062 m3 )
40 bags per skid