HydroBlend 600

AquaGel for improved moisture retention.

FINN HydroBlend 600….The Easiest Product with Great Results. Tank size packaging for the Finn T60 HydroSeeder is now available. The core Finn Additive System products that have been effectively used for years are now in one box. This one-step application for turf establishment is the only one of its kind; providing, nutrient-available soil, faster germination, healthier root structure and erosion control. No matter what your experience level; Finn HydroBlend 600 is error proof when choosing the highest quality product to complete your job. Just add your preferred seed and hydromulch and not only is the product
effective but application is simple!

Application and Rates

The following Hydroseeder loading prodcedures are provided to assure the optimum success, efficiency and safety while mixing the finn additive system consumable products.

Step 1: Begin filling tank with water
Step 2: Purge spray water, hoses and re-circulation lines
Step: 3: As water reaches the bottom of the agitator place it in reverse
Step 4: Add seed
Step 5: Add Finn Hydroblend 600 bag #1 and bottle
Step 6: Allow time to mix
Step 7: Add Finn Hydroblend 600 bag #2
Step 8: Add Finn Greenplus
Step 9: Add Hydraulic Mulch
Step 10: Set agitation in forward motion, slow down to 1/2 speed