Mat Fibre 100% Wood

MAT-FIBER is 100% wood fiber hydraulic planting mulch. Its long fibers interlock and cling to the soil, forming a protective web-like network that holds seeds in place. The network then acts like a second layer of soil that deflects wind and rain and insulates the seeds. It retains moisture to sustain the seeds during dry spells. It sprays easily in one or two step application for consistent growth and reliable performance on slopes flatter than 3:1.


Wood fiber content 98%
Basic green dye < 1%
Trade secret < 1%


Organic matter (min.) 99.3%
Inorganic matter (ash) (max.) 0.7%
Moisture content (total weight base) 1 2% ± 3%
pH at 3% consistency in water slurry (avg.) 4.9
Water-holding capacity (min.) 1.2gal./lb.
Classification Type A