Spray Matt

SprayMatt is a hydraulically applied Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) manufactured from thermo-mechanical processed virgin wood fibers and a proprietary blend of cross-linked bonding agents. The BFM forms an intimate bond with the soil surface. The BFM is 100% biodegradable, and requires no additional tackifiers or additives to perform effectively as an erosion control technology and a germination catalyst for site re-vegetation. For optimal performance, the BFM may require a 24-48 hour curing period.

Mixing & Application

SprayMatt Bonded Fiber Matrix is mixed and applied with a standard mechanically agitated hydro seeding machinery. Mix BFM with approximately 100 gallons of water per 50 pound bale. Seed, fertilizer, and soil amendments may be added at specified rates to provide a one-step application for hydro seeding and erosion control projects. Apply BFM with a fan-type nozzle (50° tip), in a cross-directional method, to achieve a minimum of 95% soil surface coverage.

Product Composition / Property Values

Thermo-Mechanically Processed Virgin Wood Fiber 90% (min)
Proprietary Blend of Cross-linked Bonding Agents 10% (max)
Moisture Content 10% (±3%) %
Effectiveness 99.999% (min [ASTM D6459])
Cover Factor 0.01 (maximum [ASTM D6459])
Functional Longevity Up to 12 Months Vegetation Enhancement 400% (min [ASTM D7322])
Water Holding Capacity 1300% (min[ASTM D7367])
Cure Time 24 – 48 Hours (Observed)
Eco-Toxicity Non-Toxic (EPA 821/R-02/012)
Biodegradability 100%
Applied Colour Green

Packaging and Shipping

Bag Dimensions Net Weight 18” x 10” x 26”, 50lbs (UV / Weather-Resistant Plastic)
Pallet Dimensions Quantity 46” x 46” x 101”, 40 Bags (UV / Weather-Resistant Plastic Stretch-Wrap)

Full Truckload 22 pallets, 880 bags