SprayMatrix is a high performance hydraulically applied Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM) comprised of thermomechanically processed virgin wood fiber and engineered reinforcing fibers. It comes premixed with a proprietary blend of cross-linked bonding agents and does not require additional binders or other additives to provide superior erosion control. SprayMatrix instantly adheres to the soil providing immediate protection that increases in effectiveness the longer it cures. SprayMatrix provides a functional and economical alternative to more expensive materials. It gets vegetation off to a faster, stronger start by maximizing water and nutrient retention while having the durability to ensure sustainable growth.

Mixing & Application

SprayMatrix Fiber Reinforced Matrix is mixed and applied with a standard mechanically agitated hydro seeding machinary. Mix the FRM with approximately 125 gallons of water per 50 pound bale. Seed, fertilizer, and soil amendments may be added at specified rates to provide a one-step application for hydroseeding and erosion control projects. Apply the FRM with a fan-type nozzle (50degree tip), in a cross-directional method, to achieve a minimum of 95% soil surface coverage. Note: Recommended use of slope interruption devices or other water dispersion technology when slope length exceeds 100ft (30 m).

Product Composition/Property Values

Thermo-Mechanically Processed Virgin Wood Fiber 81% (min)
Proprietary Blend of Cross-linked Bonding Agents 14% (max)
Engineered Reinforcing Fibers 5% (max)
Moisture Content 10%
% Effectiveness 99.999% (min)
Cover Factor 0.001 (max)
Functional Longevity up to 18months
Vegetation Enhancement 400% (min)
Water Holding Capacity 1300% (min)
Cure Time None required
Cure Time None required
Eco-Toxicity Non-Toxic
Degradability 100%
Applied Colour Green

Package and Shipping

Bag Dimensions Net Weight 18” x 10” x 26”, 50lbs
Skid Dimensions, Quantity 46” x 46” x 101”, 40 bags