Soil Guard

Soil Guard was the first Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) in the world and as such represents a breakthrough in erosion control technology. In 1993 Weyerhauser introduced a new category in erosion control technology, Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM). This was after 10 years and $15,000,000 of research and development. Weyerhauser wanted to combine the erosion protection of blanket, and the ease of hydraulic application. It is a one or two-step erosion control system that revolutionized the practice of soil conservation. It is the only Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) on the market requiring it be applied by Certified Applicators and comes with a company backed warranty.

Hydraulically applied, Soil Guard® conforms to the contours of the ground and dries to form a Bonded Fiber Matrix. Once dry, the matrix can be hydrated repeatedly and will hold soil and seed without washing away. As vegetation takes hold, Soil Guard slowly decomposes to enrich the soil. Due to the superior mixing ability, Soil Guard can mix with significantly less water therefore allowing you to cover up to 25% more area per tank compared to some other BFMs.

Wood fiber content > 88%
Guar gum tackifier content by weight < 9%
Basic green dye < 1%
Trade secret < 1%
Trade secret < 1%
Organic matter (min) 94%
Inorganic matter (ash)(max) 6%
Moisture content (total weight base) 12% ± 3%
pH at 3% consistency in
water slurry (avg) 4.8
Water-holding capacity (min) 1.2 gal./lb
pH at 3% consistency in
water slurry (avg) 4.8
Coverage: 3000-4000 lbs. / Acre to achieve 100% coverage
Drying Time 12-24 Hrs.
Longevity up to 9 mos.
Packaged in 50 lb. (22.6 kg.) bags