ABI Command Seeder

Versatile Command Seeder – Commercial-Quality Seeding

The ABI Command Seeder offers the ultimate in commercial-quality seeding versatility and build. It easily adapts from tractor to skid steer mount (with available option), allowing you to choose the orientation that best suits the job site, equipment, and time allowed. The ground-driven seed dispersal system eliminates seed loss when the seeder is not in contact with the ground, as well as many other time and money-saving features! Designed for CAT I 3-point tractors or optionally universal plate skid steer mount.


Dual Heavy-Duty Cultipackers

The large leading cultipacker pulverizes, firms, and dimples the ground to create a perfect seedbed while the floating rear cultipacker presses and packs newly-dropped seed in for optimal seed-to-soil-contact!

Metered Seed Output

Starting with the internal agitator, seed is consistently moved into seed cups with measured output, and then on through to a dispersal plate for a perfectly-even spread. Easy-to-adjust output and measurement allow the operator to control for acreage, seed type, and more variables!

Large, Seven Cubic Foot Hopper

Large-capacity 3-section hopper with a locking, easy-lift-lid and sight gauges allow for one-man refills and long operational time. Tapered lid keeps seed dry! Saves extra time on large jobs by reducing downtime for refills and checking levels.