The first HydroSeeder was invented by FINN in 1953, and trademarked thereafter, to efficiently shoot seed and fertilizers over broad areas. This invention was more than a product innovation- it was the seed that grew an entirely new industry of turf and erosion control contractors.

Hydroseeding is more efficient than sodding, broadcast seeding, or any other method of establishing turf or controlling erosion. FINN HydroSeeders use 100% hydraulically driven, mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation to enhance the loading, mixing and discharge operation.

Compared with other manufacturer’s units, only FINN’s exclusive pump design, variety of units ranging from 300-4000 gallon capacities, and numerous options provides for a more powerful and operator-friendly HydroSeeder, while keeping maintenance costs low.

FINN has a HydroSeeder model for every application. The T-30 through T-90 are ideal for the “small job” landscaper or contractor. The mid-sized machines, the T-120 and T-170, are profitably used in a wide variety of larger applications. And the high capacity tanks – the T-280, T-330, and the new T-400, provide maximum operating efficiency for big jobs such as highway roadsides, large commercial work, and mine reclamation.

Variable Speed Agitation

FINN features 100% hydraulically driven, mechanical paddle agitation that is independent of the engine rpm. This allows for fingertip control of both the agitator speed and paddle direction, enhancing the loading, mixing and discharge.

Direct Pump Drive

FINN’s unique direct drive configuration utilizes an in-line, single shaft clutch/pump design. This provides better torque utilization, achieving greater discharge distance while reducing maintenance.

Exclusive FINN Pump

Specially designed by FINN to handle thick, hydraulic mulch slurries, the standard centrifugal pump can easily be adjusted in the field.

Ergonomic Boom

The exclusive FINN discharge boom design is dynamically balanced for operator comfort while handling high discharge pressures.

Hose Reel Option

Electric or hydraulic hose reels can be added to any HydroSeeder model, making detail work and hose storage easy.