Flex Guard

Flex Guard is a Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM) hydromulch engineered with pasteurized wood fibers, dispersible synthetic fibers and exclusive soil-bonding agents for immediate and effective erosion protection on challenging terrain even during hard rains. The nontoxic matrix formula maintains fiber flexibility and loft for impact resistance, air circulation and moisture retention that promotes seed germination and plant growth. Flex Guard maximizes the time savings and cost efficiencies of hydraulic application, and delivers dependable results from the start. This product can be used for any slopes including 1:1. Due to the superior mixing ability, Flex Guard can mix with significantly less water therefore allowing you to cover up to 25% more area per tank compared to some other FRMs.


Wood fiber content > 82+1%
Guar gum tackifier content by weight < 9+1%
Synthetic fiber content 5+1%
Basic green dye < 1%
Trade secret < 1%/td>
Trade secret < 1%/td>
Trade secret < 1%/td>


Organic matter (min) 94%
Inorganic matter (ash)(max) 6%
Moisture content (total wieght base) 12% ± 3%
pH at 3% consistency in
water slurry (avg) 4.8
Water-holding capacity (min) 1.2 gal./lb
Coverage: 3000-4000 lbs. / Acre to achieve 100% coverage


Drying Time No cure
time required
Longevity up to 12 mos.
Packaged in 50 lb. (22.6 kg.) bags