CocoFlex ET-FGM

The highest-performing, longest-lasting hydraulically applied erosion control product on the market. The patented technology requires no cure time and provides superior slope protection. Additionally, CocoFlex ET-FGM can be combined with other erosion control technologies, such as Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs), to accommodate a broad range of applications.

CocoFlex ET-FGM Advantages:

  • Designed with blended coconut and wood fibers, crimped interlocking man-made
    fibers and additives that are engineered to perform under extreme conditions
  • Unmatched performance— > 99% effectiveness translates to superior erosion protection on slopes > 3:1V
  • Fastest growth establishment—1500% water-holding capacity delivers more moisture to the seedbed for faster germination and accelerated growth
  • Bags: Net Weight – 50 lb (23 kg)
  • UV and weather-resistant plastic film
  • Pallets: 40 bags/skid, 1 ton (907 kg)/skid
  • Weather-proof, stretch-wrapped with UV resistant pallet cover