Tacking Agent 3

A Tackifier that requires no cure time!

Tacking Agent 3 is proven to reduce soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydroseeding—no cure time is required!

Tacking Agent 3 contains a flocculant, polyacrylamide and hydro-colloid polymers for enhanced fiber-to-soil bond as well as a marker dye to enhance visual metering when the product is being applied.

Ammendment Ingredients

  • Polyacrylamide
  • Acrylamide copolymer
  • Hydro-colloid polymers
  • Marker Dye

Hydraulic Fiber Mulch Binding – Slope Gradient/Condition Rate:

  • >2H:1V Slope 60lbs per acre
  • 3H:1V Slope 40lbs per acre
  • 4H:1V Slope 30lbs per acre
  • Modest to 5H :1V Slope 20lbs per acre

Tank Loads

300 gal 3 lb
500 gal 5 lb
900 gal 10 lb
1,500 gal 15 lb
3,000 gal 30 lb


  • 4-8 lb bags per case/60 cases per pallet;
  • 7-3 lb water soluble bags per case/56 cases per pallet;
  • 40-50 lb bags/50-40 lb bags per pallet