FINN Titan

The New Titan

The new TITAN HT330/400 HydroSeeder is truly a game changer. It boasts a Tier 4 Final water cooled, turbo-diesel engine providing more horsepower. The new TITAN features patented innovations including a revolutionary integrated bale grinder, dust suppressing water curtain, and helical auto-reversing agitators.

MORE horsepower 

The Titan features a 173HP Tier IV Final John Deere water cooled, turbo-diesel engine. This engine features self-diagnoses including low oil pressure and high temperature shut-off system.

The electronically controlled hydraulic system allows for maximum performance & productivity.

MORE flexibility  

The Titan allows you to Mix & Spray any material from the heaviest slurry BFM’s and FRM’s/ FGM’s, additives and lime!

The increase in deck space, including integral tie down points, allows you to store up to 8 pallets (on the HT400).

MORE versatility  

The Titan features newly designed Helical agitators that easily grind and mix up the heaviest slurries. The Helical designed agitator improves material movement from within the tank resulting in the optimal mix.

Features & Benefits

  • Spraying distances of over 300 feet from boom
  • Dual boom as an option for spraying on both sides of the unit for hard-to reach areas
  • Hydraulic hose reel with Reel-In and Reel-Out functionality
  • Revolutionary integrated bale grinder for faster and more efficient loading
  • Helical designed agitators improves material movement within the tank for more efficient mixing and circulation
  • Revolutionary long-life, low maintenance agitator bearings n Interchangeable centrifugal and vortex pump
  • Centralized lubrication/service points for increased unit serviceability
  • Larger gates and open-space design dramatically increases the amount of usable storage space on top of the tank
  • Remote control seamlessly integrated into the unit control system to easily control the pump while working with the hose