Finn proudly introduces THE TITAN. The Titan is the premium power package specially designed to Finn’s largest, most robust HydroSeeder models: T280, T330 and T400 HydroSeeders (2800-4000 gallon tank sizes.) The Titan is Finn’s answer to the contractors wanting MORE POWER+MORE SPEED+MORE HYDROSEEDER to conquer the tougher jobs, harder-to-reach areas and pull ahead of the competition. The Titan HydroSeeder is perfect for the erosion control contractor with larger hydroseeding projects, as well as ideal for highway, dust control, landfill, golf course and greater commercial sites. The power, speed and design of the Titan HydroSeeder makes this machine unbeatable for steep slopes, extremely large coverage areas or hard to maneuver jobsites.

Features & Benefits

  • More horsepower with high efficiency hydraulic system for greater spraying distances up to 320 feet & the dual discharge boom system can be run efficiently and simultaneously. The second boom option enables spraying from both sides of the tank for larger spray areas without moving the vehicle.
  • More flexibility to cover the hard-to-reach areas, the inaccessible jobsites & the logistically challenging sites. Ability to spray on both sides of tank for faster coverage and making sure you are always positioned on the “right of way.”
  • More versatility with a 3rd agitator for tougher material mixtures, variety of heavier products (including BFM’s) & diverse loading techniques.
  • More conveniences with larger hatch design and bigger fill port for a quicker, more efficient and 2-man loading option at the same time. This design can significantly speed up the loading process from start to finish. A larger slide gate and open-space design drastically increases the amount of material storage available on the top of the tank.
  • More operator-friendly with remote controlling system of agitator speed, mixing direction & hose rewind. This feature gives operators the power of maintaining control and ease of operation from their fingertips, up to 500 feet away from the machine.
  • More durable in manufacture and design with the ability for less “wear & tear” on the hydraulic motors and a protective tank top coating enabling longer life of the tank top.
  • More speed + torque with the combination of the hydraulic motor and gearbox drive for the lower agitators. This provides for more thorough and efficient mixing of materials, less product waste and faster clean up.